When your patient needs a CT scan, it pays to have it performed in a facility with an onsite board-certified radiologist.

A radiologist is a specialist who is trained in both obtaining and interpreting images via the use of a variety of medical imaging modalities such as ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine. Every CT we perform here at DVMS is overseen by our board-certified radiologist Dr. Vicki Heffelman, so that if the study reveals an unexpected finding, it is quickly recognized, the attending clinician is notified, and both specialists work together to develop an appropriate and immediate course of action. This saves time and money, and is less invasive in cases where patients need to be anesthetized for the CT, because only one anesthetic procedure is  performed.

In facilities where a CT is performed by a technician only and the study is read by a teleradiology service, additional studies/anesthesia may be necessary if a new problem is reported after the patient has been discharged. Studies can be read immediately by teleradiology services, but usually for additional fees.

For patients who do not require anesthesia, sedation can be used at our facility to perform the CT. These patients also receive the same immediate attention by an on-site radiologist and collaboration with other specialists to determine the best course of action for the patient.

Outpatient CT is also available for uncomplicated cases or ones that do not require immediate additional procedures following the scan.

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