You have a busy, successful practice that you want to maintain and DVMS wants to help you do that. Those of you with digital radiography systems may already utilize a teleradiology service and know about its benefits. If you don't already use such a service or if you would like to try a new service, we welcome you to try DVMS's Teleradiology service.

The benefits of utilizing teleradiology include the following:

  1. Offer a high standard of care - The ability to offer this service to your clients and easily access the knowledge and assistance of a board-certified radiologist for imaging interpretation elevates your business to a level that clients appreciate.
  2. Peace of mind - Having assistance from a second pair of eyes is critical, especially for difficult cases. We all rely on our colleagues every day for help with case management. Now, your very own radiologist can be closer than ever before!
  3. Get on with your day - On particularly busy days, you can have your imaging studies interpreted while you attend to other patients and clients, making it almost like there's two of you!
  4. Structured reporting - Forming a relationship with a radiologist, understanding their reports, and being familiar with their interpretation style can often alleviate the stress of interpreting difficult studies.
  5. Convenience - You can submit imaging studies at your convenience and they will be interpreted within 24 hours. You may also request STAT reads. There are no minimum requirements.

We value the relationship we have with you, and want to continue to offer services that are important to you. We hope that you agree with the benefits of utilizing a teleradiology service and that you will consider trying the DVMS Teleradiology service.

For practices without digital radiography systems, we are happy to provide interpretations of analog film by mail.

Please contact DVMS Radiology at 480.635.1110 x7 for more information. If you would like to set up an account, contact DVMInsight at 866.669.8090 or visit . If you already utilize our teleradiology service, we would like to thank you for your business. We welcome any comments or concerns you may have.