Please see the items below for further details on how we will interact with you and provide exceptional care for your pet at this time through curbside services.


Please call 480-635-1110 ext7 when you arrive for ALL appointments to let us know you are here and your vehicle make and color.

All new patients you will receive an email to fill our new client information electronically.  We are requesting that this be completed before your appointment.  Paper forms will be accepted under limited circumstances.


  • For all technician appointments, rechecks, and those that do not wish to enter the building we will be providing our services curbside and we will come to you in your vehicle.  In this case your technician will bring your pet in for the appointment.  Once complete they will return your pet to you at your vehicle.
  • After calling to confirm you have arrived, when it is time for your appointment you will receive a phone call from the overseeing doctor or technician to discuss your pet’s condition.
  • Based on the doctor’s discretion, the doctor may come to your vehicle, call you or video chat (i.e. Facetime) with you to discuss your pet’s condition.  
  • If this is an appointment where diagnostics are recommended, after approval of an estimate, your pet may stay with us for the day and the doctor will discuss all results and the treatment plan with you by phone or video conference.


  • We currently are not allowing owners into the building.
  • The exception to this policy is for last goodbyes, for this the below procedures will be followed.
  • You are required to answer a health questionnaire the morning of your appointment and are required to wear a mask when you enter.
  • You are always required to leave your mask on while in the building.
  • You will be escorted into a clean exam room for the appointment we are also performing check out in the exam room to reduce time at our lobby. Please know, we are following strict cleaning procedures in between appointments for our staff, rooms, and equipment.
  • Credit cards are preferred, we will be utilizing our iPad/iPhone for processing.  It is cleaned after each use.


In a similar fashion to our appointments and drop-offs, we are offering Curbside Concierge Service for medication refills, and food.  Please give us a call ahead of time, we will prepare your order and collect payment by phone.  Call when you arrive and we will bring your items to you!

​We recommend having 2-4 weeks of food and medicine at home for a potential home quarantine.  However, we intend to do everything possible to make sure we are able to continue to provide these products for you and your pet.


Know that we are working hard to conserve PPE when we can do so safely for our partners in human medicine who have a greater need.


​We are learning about this virus every day.  We will share any new updates as they become available.

If we miss your call just give us a minute and call back. We may be experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls.

More information

AVMA COVID-19 FAQs for Pet Parents