What You Need To Know As A Pet Owner

Most pets are not thrilled to visit the veterinarian, so we know this applies equally to the veterinary specialist. After all, if a referral to a specialist is called for, chances are you are worried, and your pet may not be feeling well. If that is the case, we appreciate that you and your veterinarian chose Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists. We are here to provide compassionate care for you and your pet.  We strive to deliver exceptional comfort, knowledge and compassion to everyone.

We want to make this time for you and your pet as easy and smooth a process as possible. On this page you will find some helpful forms you may need to download and complete prior to your visit. In addition, we have provided links to some websites we think you will find educational and interesting. Please do not hesitate to call on us for guidance of any kind.

What Makes Us Different


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