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Dog & Cat Endoscopies in Peoria, AZ

At The Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists, we utilize the most up to date equipment which allows us to offer a very high level of care to all of our patients. Canine endoscopy uses a tiny video camera at the end of a very narrow scope, called an endoscope that is inserted either into the stomach through the mouth or the colon via the rectum. This allows us to view your pet's gastrointestinal tract, or other areas of concern throughout his or her body. Because a gastrointestinal examination for dogs or cats is minimally invasive, it is relatively little recovery time.

what to expect

Problems a Pet Endoscopy Can Diagnose:

  • Certain Forms of Cancer and Cancerous Tumors
  • Ulcers
  • Abscesses
  • Foreign Objects
  • Internal Trauma
  • Blockages
frequently asked questions

Do We Have to Prep Our Pet?

Yes, the accuracy of a pet endoscopy relies on thorough preparation. It is vital that the stomach and intestinal tract are empty of all food and fecal matter prior to a gastrointestinal exam for dogs or cats. A complete twelve-hour fast is usually sufficient if the stomach is being examined. If we are examining the colon, oral medication should be given twelve to eighteen hours before the procedure, in order to clear the intestinal tract. Fasting for twelve to eighteen hours is also necessary so that the gastrointestinal tract remains clear. On the morning of the procedure, one or more enemas may also be given if necessary. If an endoscopy is necessary for your dog, our specialists will discuss a preparation routine with you.

Is General Anesthesia Necessary?

General anesthesia is required to perform a gastrointestinal examination for dogs & cats. It is impossible to safely pass an endoscope into a conscious dog's stomach or colon. Most pets require only a short-acting anesthesia, and are able to go home shortly after completion of the dog gastrointestinal exam.

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