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Holter Monitoring in Peoria, AZ

At Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists, we will provide your pet with the best full comprehensive exam in Peoria possible. We will review every aspect of your pets health and if needed we will set them up with a holter monitor.

A Holter monitor is a portable device used to continuously monitor the electrical activity of the heart of your pet. Its extended recording period is useful for observing occasional or intermittent cardiac arrhythmias that may be difficult to identify in during a traditional exam or electrocardiogram.

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Reasons To Use A Holter Monitor

  • An Arrhythmia Is Suspected in Your Pet
  • Your Pet Exhibits Signs of Weakness, Dizziness, Lethargy, Excessive Panting and Agitation, or Even Collapse or Fainting Episodes
  • To Monitor Drug Therapy and Effects on the Heart Rate and Rhythm
  • To Monitor Programming Effects If Your Pet Has an Implanted Pacemaker
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What Does a Holter Monitor Do?

The monitor is usually worn for twenty-four hours during normal activity. You should keep a diary of what activities your pet does while wearing the monitor such as taking a walk, eating, sleeping, or playing. There is a button on the monitor for you to press allowing you to mark an observed event such as a fainting episode. An appointment would be scheduled at the time of the initial visit twenty-four hours later to review the diary & data from the Holter Monitor. At that time our veterinary specialists will be able to diagnose any issue in real time for the highest quality pet care in Peoria.

How Does My Dog Wear a Holter Monitor?

The Holter monitor used for dogs consists of a special vest containing the monitor attached to several ECG lead wires. It is very unobtrusive, and most dogs ignore its presence very quickly. Your dog or cat will most likely have several areas of fur shaved to attach the ECG leads to the skin.

If your pet requires the use of a Holter monitor, we will give you specific instructions on its use. This relatively simple but highly effective device has saved countless human and animal lives since first introduced almost seventy years ago.

For more information about our dog or cat holter monitor or to make an appointment with your Peoria veterinarian specialists, please call your us today at 480-635-1110 EXT. 7.

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