We are pleased to announce that we will soon be able to provide our clients and patients with this new, state-of-art equipment that offers:

  • Increased exam speed allowing us to use sedation (in appropriate cases) or shorter anesthesia times more often; this is especially important in trauma cases where an expedient diagnosis can be critical
  • Enhanced image quality that increases diagnostic confidence
  • Recognition of smaller lesions (i.e., lung nodules) sooner in the course of disease
  • Better visualization of small orthopedic and vascular lesions
  • Isovolumetric reconstruction - eliminating distortion of images when viewing in dorsal or sagittal orientation, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and radiation therapy planning
  • Improved 3D reconstruction, allowing for better angiography (especially for cases such as PTE) and cardiac imaging
  • The Mouse Trap - a padded Plexiglass tube, perfect for small patients that cannot safely undergo sedation or anesthesia, but require a CT (ideal for trauma or upper airway obstruction cases, or patients with poor cardiac function that require CT to evaluate concurrent disease)
  • Safer radiation oncology planning - With radiation oncology services available on-site, we are able to perform one CT for both diagnosis and radiation therapy planning, therefore eliminating the need for a second planning CT with additional anesthesia

We are delighted to be able to provide this exceptional diagnostic tool for you and your clients. Not only will we provide all the benefits above, but all CTs will be planned and overseen by our board-certified radiologist and read on-site. You will no longer need to wait for a teleradiology report to determine the best course of action for your patients and clients.

Stay tuned for additional information about our launch date.